Limited edition printed series 

akosua, lithograph on japanese paper, 24x79, edition 2/2 (AP 1/2)

deep rooted, lithograph, 26x20, edition 3/5

Soul of africa, aquatint, 7x9,  edition 5/5


birth of eve, Intaglio print on japanese kinwashi paper, 6x7


adam, intaglio print, 5x7


generations, aquatint, 8x16,    edition 3/5

NFRAMA, LITHOGRAPH, 26X20, edition 2/2 (AP 1/2)

there, there my dear, drypoint monotype, 5x6, edition 5/11

hidden, lithograph on japanese paper, 11x25, edition 3/3

afua, lithograph on japanese awagami paper, 19x26, edition 5/5

jewel, intaglio print, 5x7